We are your global solution,
no matter where you are
Learn more We supply your industrial needs for goods and services from North
America, Europe and Asia. We can serve you from your small requirements
that will be sent to your doorstep up to mega projects with financing
and turnkey delivery. We also distribute your industrial products in
the North American market (USA and Canada) through our extensive
network of manufacturers’ representatives and distributors.
Learn more We have more than 30 years dedicated to serving the regional
needs of the Mining, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power Generation,
Metallurgy, Agriculture, Food, Plastics, and Cement industries,
among others. We are ready to serve the needs of your
company with direct financing!
Supply Chain solutions
for Latin American and
Caribbean industries
Innovative, precise & leading
edge professional balances
and scales
Learn more RADWAG is a recognized of balances and scales and is a wordwide
leader of leading edge Microbalances, Ultra Microbalances, Analytical balances,
Precision balances, Moisture Analyzers, and Industral scales, among others;
scales all under ISO 9001 certifications.
Parts and Spares for
Atlas Copco Air
We distribute parts and spare parts for air compressors,
ideal for maintenance and service of compressors.
Maintaining equipment reliability and performance.
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Felm Industrial
Electric Motors
Improve your manufacturing process with more
efficient machinery using FELM electric motors.
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Authorized distributor of spare
parts for Chicago Pneumatic
air compressors
Original Chicago Pneumatic parts that guarantee
optimum performance and operation of your
air compressors.
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FTI offers industrial solutions through the supply of goods and services, procurement, contract negotiation, price agreements, purchase, cargo consolidation, and shipments of complete solutions for importers, distributors, and major industries in Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The wide range of solutions is done comprehensively, such as direct purchase, turnkey delivery, and after sales service.


FTI offers short-term lines of credit for qualified customers. The credit evaluation is completed expeditiously in 24 to 48 hours. More than 80% of our customers enjoy a line of credit that gives them the freedom to make their purchases through us dynamically. For larger projects or with turnkey deliveries, FTI offers medium and long-term financing lines for up to 5 years with the support of the Eximbank. Ask us how to obtain financing for your needs or fill out and send us the credit application to start your credit request!


We are proud to be distributors of leading manufacturers of equipment, parts and industrial services, for Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Europe. We can design a complete supply chain that includes logistics in origin, transportation, importation, consignment, establishment of commercial representatives by geographical area and distributors with inventory in their warehouses. If you want to distribute your products in South or North America, FTI is your ideal partner!


FTI has extensive experience in the development of new markets and new distribution lines with very efficient logistics solutions. Through its "export & import management" capabilities, FTI makes efficient international trade operations in the US, supporting US exporters to enter new markets, and opening up business opportunities for foreign companies in the US. and Canada

Ask for the advise of a  First Technology, Inc expert, and get better results for your business!

Why use FTI Procurement Services?

• The U.S. manufacturer doesn't offer you the credit or terms your company needs?
• Do you want to consolidate shipments to have a lower freight and insurance cost?
• Need to coordinate and make purchases in the U.S.?
• Can't find spare parts for your machinery as the manufacturer no longer exists or the part is discontinued or obsolete?
• Need financing?
• Need support to negotiate prices?
• Need alternative suppliers?

Why use FTI 'Export Management' services?

  • Does your organization have the specialized knowledge to enter new markets?
  • Does your organization have the necessary and appropriate human resources to develop an export business or activity?
  • Does your company receive requests for information or quotation from international companies and may not know how to track them properly?

It is an international organization with main offices in Miami, Florida, USA. It has regional offices in Lima, Peru and partner offices in most Latin American countries.

FTI began its operations in 1988 and quickly gained a leading position within its international business field.


FTI offers industrial supply services, procurement, purchase, cargo consolidation and shipments of products for importers, distributors and major industries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Additionally, FTI acts as a buying office in the U.S. of several regional industrial conglomerates and companies that contract us to serve their industrial supply needs.

In the same way, FTI is a vehicle of entry to the attractive North American market through a wide range of manufacturers’representatives and industrial distributors that work extensively with us that cover the entire territory of the USA. and Canada.

¿Who we are?


To enhance commercial trade exchange between the United States, Latin America and Europe, offering our clients leading edge technology solutions, with top quality service, taking into consideration market and cultural needs, based on highly competitive integral costs.


To continue our leadership position as an industrial procurement and solutions company, shortening the commercial breach between the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Let the numbers speak for us:









Our Objective

FTI is focused to serve the needs of leading Latin–American industries with their needs for industrial goods and services. Particularly those dedicated to the Mining, Petroleum and Gas, Chemical, Power Generation and Distribution, Agroindustry, Food, Plastics and Cements.


FTI offers turnkey projects, including civil works, equipment, assisted operation, services, support, training, warranty, supply of spare parts and project financing.

The group's most important recent projects:

Supply of air conveyors for automatic assembly and painting processes worth more than US$1 million

Two thermo-electric generation plants with a total capacity of 320 MW, worth more than US$80 million.

Two used thermo-electric generation plants with a capacity of 200 MW, worth more than US$30 million.

Supply of air conveyors for automatic assembly and painting processes worth more than US$1 million

A Combined Cycle with a capacity of 80MW, worth more than US$80 million.

Diving equipment and decompression chamber for an oil company for more than US$400 thousand.

Specialized grease supply
solutions for mining
processes under
consignment contracts.

Supply of antiwear

Commercial and logistics establishment in the US of EGA Master USA - leading Spanish company of premium industrial tools - to distribute throughout North America through manufacturers’ representatives and distributors nationwide

Supply of a 450 MT
capacity Crane

Lubrication Facilities

Filters and Filtering