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Royal has been developing for over 100 years lubricants high perforrmance for expensive equipment. Lubrication is basic and necessary for the operation of almost all machinery. Without lubrication, these machines would not work or would do so for a short time before ruin.

The lubrication is often misunderstood mainly due to its complexity. Our task is to improve the performance of the machinery, reduce oil consumption and extend the life of equipment components that rely on lubrication.

Because of their experience and expertise, many mine operators rely on Royal for the lubrication of their high cost equipment such as shovels, Dredgers, Front Loaders and Tippers; require further development of lubricants for crushers and mills.

Royal manufacturing processes and uses latest generation additives to obtain high performance lubricants for most Lubrication Systems profitable in the operation of these teams that have grown in size, sophistication and variety.

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