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First Technology, Inc. sells products for wear protection Kennametal, serving major industries such as mining, construction and drilling.

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Wear Protection e

Time is not the only thing that can change your plans unexpectedly during a day of milling road. Wear can too. If your computer crashes due to wear damage, faces a lost production and repair costs. Parts wear Kennametal KenCast ™ protect your computer to prevent unplanned downtime, come rain or shine.

Wear KenCast ™

KenCast is our exclusive product anti wear tungsten carbide damage by preventing premature wear to your computer, so that the investment in your equipment lasts longer.

We particles of hard metal tungsten and hardened steel metallurgically joined the air. The result is an extremely resistant to abrasion and impact compound.

Before initial use, the outer surface looks smooth piece KenCast as carbide particles are encapsulated. In use, the outer layer of steel is gradually wears to expose the hard particles of tungsten metal. It is these particles which bear the punishment of their abrasive applications to not have to your computer.

It is common for customers to see a much longer life of the tool by KenCast protected parts, which is available in standard or custom sizes depending on your computer. KenCast is easy to weld and especially durable in difficult conditions during milling road.

Use KenCast with:

  • Plinth.
  • Shoe drive.
  • Covers basic block of rapid change.
  • Protector pedestals.
  • Sidebars cleaners.

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