Impact Wrench: How It Works, Types, Uses, Maintenance and More

Impact wrenches are known by multiple names such as pneumatic wrenches, air wrench, and impact guns. These can be electric or pneumatic and were created mainly for tasks that require torque (such as in drills) or impact force (as in riveting machines) delivered on an output shaft varying its functions depending on the tool and implement used (there are tools that combine the two types of force, such as hammer drills).

Pneumatic tools are used in different industrial environments, not only in the automotive industry where it is very common to see this type of equipment to make pressure adjustments and applying torque, for which a powerful tool is required to facilitate the extraction of nuts and bolts.

But, how does an impact wrench work? It is something a little more complicated than it sounds with respect to what is an impact wrench? In this case,  for the impact wrenches or pneumatic tools in general to work, a motor is required to generate the air, a compressor tank, hoses for conducting the compressed air, and the pneumatic tool as such.

However, impact wrenches have hammer systems actuated by air pressure or the hammer can also be actuated directly from the motor. Although this is just one example of an impact wrench, there are many other models that have gear systems before those hammers, this allows impact wrenches to have heavier hammers without losing performance as the gears will compensate and help maintain requirements to a minimum.

On the other hand, there are many other types of industrial tools, since there are not only pneumatic tools, there are also those operated by electricity (with cables and cordless) or there are tools operated by hydraulic force. You can see the wide range of industrial tools and impact wrenches offered by First Technology under the Chicago Pneumatic brand, click here.

Each type of impact wrench has its own benefit and characteristic, for example electric impact wrenches are the cheapest in terms of purchase, impact wrenches operated by hydraulic force have a higher power / weight ratio and on the other hand wrenches pneumatic impact drivers, which are the lightest and have good power.

This characteristic basically defines the types of impact wrenches, these being pneumatic, wired, cordless impact wrenches and finally, manual impact wrenches, this is the least common because it does not fully comply with the standards of pneumatic tools, but it has pretty good precision, they are portable and useful when there is no power source.

There are other impact wrenches that are driven and work with oil, but did you know that air impact wrenches also require lubrication? These must have the correct application of lubricants to maintain their integrity and optimal state, in this way it is guaranteed that they will have a full useful life, in addition to that these impact wrenches require maintenance and are relatively inexpensive.


Where is the use of impact wrenches most common?

Pneumatic impact wrenches are preferred in the industry and companies for their power / performance ratio, impact wrenches being cataloged as the tools of the highest quality and comfort (they are light and easy to use, providing comfort to operators). And if they are Chicago Pneumatic brand impact wrenches, these are much better, because they are guaranteed technologies (this is the best of the best) and they are distributed to the public by First Technology who is the certified distributor of pneumatic tools. More information here.