Industrial scales and commercial scales

There are many types of scales, this is well known and at First Technology we know it well.  However it is important to differentiate commercial scales from industrial scales, because each one is used in different areas, this because each one of them has different specifications.

Commercial scales are used in a generic way in homes, bakeries, delicatessens and private retail stores, which have required digital scales for their comfort and legibility, becoming pillars of many commercial activities. These commercial scales offer the opportunity to work comfortably on a table and that is why they have become in high demand for the aforementioned businesses.


This is important not only to mention, but also to know, these commercial scales, despite the fact that they are accurate, are not graduated or verified at industrial levels, that is, commercial scales only serve for businesses and private businesses where the levels of demand are minimal. While for industrial and business tasks, precision and reliability are required, audited and certified scales and measuring equipment are required, ensuring that no margin for error is left.

While commercial scales are standard models, for industrial scales there is a whole universe of objects such as scientific scales, laboratory scales, digital scales, plate scales, platform scales, mass comparators, automated meters and much more. All of them available at First Technology, the authorized distributors of Radwag scales. More information here.

Now, we already know that commercial scales are standard and practically universal models, made for approximate measurements that do not require great precision and are purchased by users due to their low costs, and because there is no one who demands precision in their operations.

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But, let’s get to know the different industrial scales … In the first place there are the laboratory scales or scientific scales, where they all come in different models, but the use is always the same: The measurement of solid, liquid or powder materials; with exact precision.

There are also digital scales, which are the most generic models of industrial scales and are used for rapid measurements during manufacturing processes to know the weight of a certain product or substance, these can be used to verify other instruments quickly.

Plate scales for their part can be used in multiple places, there are also many models although all of them are relatively small and perfect for transporting to different places and are usually quite resistant, even withstanding humidity due to their manufacturing materials.

Platform scales on the other hand are the most robust and large measuring equipment, their load capacity is much higher than most scales. These platform scales can be used to weigh minerals, bulk materials, large rocks, even trucks. With the help of these platform measuring instruments you can make measurements of materials that could end up damaging the measuring instruments. These platform scales are not as accurate, but they make up for it with the increased volume they can measure.

Mass comparators, these are scales implemented in production processes, they are fixed measuring instruments that analyze and compare in an automated way, they are connected with other equipment for automated management and registration, allowing statistical control of what is being produced.

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