Through the passage of time, the industrial and productive process has evolved, adapting to the needs of human beings and production requirements, requiring each time to improve processes, in order to increase production and together with it, profitability in the productive processes.

At this point, is where the needs in combination with weighing systems (or measuring systems) were coupled to give rise to new forms of production in the industry, becoming a necessity. In fact, the incorporation of measurement systems such as scales are considered investments, because by having scales in production processes, they are optimized.

For this reason, companies such as First Technology were certified as distributors of scales, in this case Radwag industrial scales, which offer a large stock and varieties ready to be adopted in different processes and meet needs. Know more by clicking here.

These industrial scales, as well as their customization are available in multiple designs, and also feature:

Each of these features are intrinsic to Radwag Industrial Scales distributed by First Technology. Especially the compatibility of joining the systems, which is the main concern in companies.

Radwag scales compatibility allows you to connect to specialized computers and data systems, which actively participate in the production process and is the main indicator for the production department to know the performance. And for the quality sector, knowing that they are following and meeting the minimum requirements in the production processes.

However, it is not possible to speak of industrial solutions in measurement without knowing the scales available for such tasks. So for such purposes, a small list of the best industrial scales and measuring instruments offered by First Technology is shown.

Radwag industrial scales:

Industrial scales encompass a series of high resolution weighing platforms, with different shapes and sizes to adapt to all branches of industry, available machinery, explosive, challenging or dangerous environments thanks to ATEX certification (You can quote and learn more about these scales by clicking here).


Automatic checkweigher

These are the measuring instruments established during production processes (especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries), these checkweighers allow us to quickly weigh all the articles or products that pass through the platform of these scales.

These checkweighers have the characteristic of being intuitive and have integrated systems that allow handling statistical data and service processes, without the need to collect data manually. You can learn more about Radwag checkweighers offered by First Technology by clicking here.


Weighing tables

Scales are precise instruments, but they require environments and requirements of equal quality and precision to fulfill their functions. In this case we have the weighing tables, which are anti-vibration tables that offer stability and firm support for the scales, in this way the measurements are carried out in the best possible way.

It is important to highlight that in production processes, errors are generated in measurements due to vibrations resulting from operations carried out in the industry, and when they are eliminated, better results are obtained.

Learn about the most stable and anti-vibration weighing tables that are available on the market and can only be offered by First Technology which is a verified Radwag distributor. You can also request quotes by visiting our website.