Industrial Scales – Radwag Scales Review

As for all tools and equipment, there are multiple options that can be chosen from the wide range offered by the market. In the case of scales, there are many ways to use them and incorporate them into production processes (especially with platform scales used in industry and in the world of production).

Therefore, the design of the scales is fundamental in the industry, since there are many designs, and it is important to achieve the design that adapts to the needs of the industry in the work of measuring and weighing raw materials and inputs.

There are many places in the industry where we can see industrial scales, either platform or mobile designs, but when we talk about platform scales (such as Radwag scales) the first and most common place where they are integrated is in warehouses, distribution and reception areas, and in the middle of the manufacturing machinery.

This is due to the fact that the distribution tasks are as important as the manufacturing ones, either to carry out the measurement evaluations of the merchandise that is arriving or before its dispatch. And when you have precise measuring instruments such as Radwag scales, these tasks are streamlined, managing to speed up processes while simultaneously monitoring and controlling inventories (both materials and substances) in an exact way, reducing waste.

However, just mentioning that Radwag scales are the best on the market is not enough reason to say that they are! Therefore, it is necessary to dedicate sections reviewing the qualities of Radwag scales.

This company has a history of more than 35 years manufacturing industrial scales, and it does so following the international guidelines dictated by the ISO 9001: 2015 Standards, subject to extensive and constant audit work or that ensures that the Radwag scales distributed by First Technology complies with all the necessary guidelines, which allow it to guarantee that its products comply with the standards required by the industry.

On the other hand, the structure of these scales are made with materials that make them resistant to corrosion, vibration and can even work in the most conflicting environments offered by the industry. At the same time, these weighing and measuring tools are available from First Technology in various sizes and combinations to suit different job tasks due to their differences in measurement and resolution capabilities.

Thanks to the differences in dimensions, capacity combinations and resolution offered by Radwag balances and scales, they are of different sizes, some are considered standard size, but the main factor in terms of dimensions and their usefulness is that depending on the size of each one of them changes the minimum and maximum capacities in addition to the price.

The dimensions of the scales are the main factor that intervenes in the variation of prices, so it is important to communicate with the distributor and know this before making the purchase. And First Technology has full attention to make quotes with technical advisers, who can answer any questions and respond to you in less than 24 hours, or you can even organize a call or conference with them if you wish, learn more by clicking here.


Corrosion resistant scales

The materials with which the Radwag scales are manufactured (stainless steel) make them resistant to corrosion, in addition to that this makes them more resistant to the mechanical damage to which the scales are exposed by the work in the manufacturing processes.

Another benefit of acquiring a scale resistant to corrosion, is that in addition to guaranteeing the durability of the measuring equipment, it makes them ideal to be integrated into food manufacturing processes, because in this way it keeps products safe and suitable for consumption.

However, there are other factors that cause greater concern in the industry, and it is when production tasks are carried out in explosive environments, for which they are required to have ATEX certifications.

First Technology offers Radwag ATEX (Atmosphere Explosive) certified scales, which are ideal for these environments because they maintain reliable results and ensure equipment performance even in these harsh environments.

You can learn more about ATEX certified scales at First Technology by clicking here, or you can also contact technical advisers who will guide you through the entire process.