Influence of impact tools in the industry

“…we are on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work and interact. In its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything mankind has experienced before” Schwab 2016

Companies and the industry in general, are continually undergoing accelerated changes, many of them based on the infrastructure of the digital age, however, it is not limited only to it. An example of this is pneumatic tools and impact tools. Both have an equal role in many of the industrial tasks of the primary and secondary sectors.

But, first, let us briefly analyze the industry and its characteristics, especially taking into consideration the impact it has on each tool used in the industry, where there are incredibly pneumatic tools to fix other pneumatic tools, this has changed the perspectives and concepts that people have regarding impact tools and pneumatic tools.

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The greatest advantage of Chicago Pneumatic cordless or pneumatic impact tools is that they provide portability combined with the reliability of advanced technologies, proven power and durability. With First Technology, you get impact tools capable of following continuous and heavy work rates. Get speed and durability by clicking here.

Since pneumatic tools arrived in the industry, the productivity increased considerably since all the tasks that were carried out manually began to be done faster and demanding less physical effort on the part of the operators, so it was an improvement in all sectors. However, the reputation of impact tools was forged by their industry standards for power and durability.


First technology has the best impact tools of the Chicago Pneumatic brand, and the technical advisory service reflecting the commitment not only to provide impact tools, but also considers many other factors that will add value to your company. By having cutting-edge designs and capable of operating continuously without compromising the useful life of pneumatic equipment, this for the industry translates into efficiency and productive improvement. You can see the catalog of pneumatic equipment available on their website, there you will discover that the products distributed by First Technology of the Chicago Pneumatic brand have a wide range of equipment perfectly adaptable to different applications.


For the different applications to which impact tools can be adapted, the classifications of pneumatic tools must be taken into account according to their performance as there are:

  • Extra Heavy Duty Impact Tools: These impact tools are specially designed to handle the most extreme jobs (which is why they are called extra heavy duty). These are built to achieve the best strength and superior durability.
  • Heavy Duty Impact Tools: Heavy Duty Pneumatic tools also feature high quality models with variations in horsepower exceeding the requirements of truly demanding applications and environments. These impact tools have been designed with special features offering power, speed and comfort that only pneumatic equipment can offer.
  • Impact tools for maintenance services: These are the smallest impact tools, their features and applications are made for maintenance of equipment and tools.


You can see the range of impact tools and pneumatic equipment that First Technology has to offer from the Chicago Pneumatic family of products by clicking here.