Meet Chicago Pneumatic’s CP8345 Series Cordless Tool

Welcome to our new edition of First Technology on Cordless Tools, where we share with you information on Cordless tools we have for you. In this edition,  we will mention everything about the Chicago Pneumatic CP8345 series. We will tell you a little about our experience in air angle grinders combined with the convenience and mobility of battery power in a grinder with great ergonomics, providing high comfort and improved safety.

But, first let’s see the benefits and features of this wireless tool.


Benefits Features
  • Adaptability and ergonomics
  • High operator comfort
  • Greater security
  • Convenient and economical
  • Easy to use
  • Great comfort and handling
  • High impact & durability
  • The battery of this pneumatic tool is positioned to obtain better handling, cutting precision and grinding.
  • Aerodynamic housing and ergonomic handle for excellent handling
  • Insulating soft thermoplastic rubber grip
  • Features a locking throttle
  • You can orient the adjustable guard 270 ° without the need for a wrench
  • 20 ° adjustable side handle for left and right handed people
  • Aluminum angle head housing


Of course, these benefits and characteristics are inherent in this cordless tool, as long as it is used for the applications for which it is designed, with the corresponding accessories and with due maintenance. Otherwise, this cordless tool may result with variations other than those specified.

It is important to know this, because the angle grinder like any industrial tool is designed to be used according to the purpose of use and understanding the design of this angle grinder (the main purpose of this is to grind, cut metals and cut concrete). With the corresponding grinding discs, cutting discs and the appropriate protections (grinding and cutting protection).

Finally, it is important to mention that the wireless angle grinder has been designed for handheld use, it does not require mounting on supports or work benches, and using this product differently than that indicated for the intended use can end up generating important variations, not only in the useful life of the tool but also in the operator.

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For this cordless grinder, we must take into account all its components to maintain its integrity and functionality. And since it is a wireless tool, the first thing to consider is the battery.

To get the best performance from the battery in this tool, we must take into account the following:

  1. If the tool has not been used for some time, the battery packs should be recharged before use.
  2. Exposure to temperatures higher than 50 °C or 122 °F reduces the performance of the battery, therefore prolonged and unnecessary exposure to heat or the sun should be avoided as much as possible (protect your wireless equipment whenever they are in disuse)
  3. Keep the charging and contact points clean, in this way you guarantee optimal use of the batteries, in addition to allowing the blocks to be fully charged.
  4. Avoid placing bare batteries on cold surfaces while charging and take care to remove the battery packs from the charger once the charge has reached its maximum limit to maximize battery life.
  5. Recharge the batteries only with the charger provided by the manufacturer, as providing an incorrect voltage may cause a fire (or you may end up burning the battery pack).


For these power tools consider using connections that correspond to the plugs, avoid modifying the connection in any way or using defective adapters, as this increases the risk of electric shock.

Above all else about this cordless tool, keep in mind that Chicago Pneumatic‘s goal is to: Build tools that help you work efficiently and safely. The performance and safety of this tool depends mostly on the operator, who by using the tool for the assigned tasks will be able to perform their work reducing the main risks to which the tool and the operator himself may be subjected.

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