The best tool the market offers, it is neither electric nor pneumatic. One of the most frequent debates is the comparison of the different technologies, since they think that a specific tool can be used for all types of work.

But the truth is that the tools that are required for a certain job are not defined by the taste or preference of the buyer, but are defined by the type of work, the environmental conditions and the place where the work will be carried out.

All this because each tool has its own advantages and limitations.

For example, pneumatic tools are known for their cost-effectiveness, ergonomics, and power and torque conversion. But what does this mean.


Cost-benefit ratio of pneumatic tools

Although pneumatic tools require more equipment to function (compressors, hoses and pipes, pressure gauges), the maintenance and repair of these tools is quite simple (compared to other tools) and therefore more economical.

Another important advantage with respect to cost, is that since it is more economical, several sets can be purchased, so that they can be alternated in daily tasks taking those that are more comfortable for specific tasks.

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Ergonomic pneumatic tools

The materials,  the structure and the components of pneumatic tools are very different from those of electric tools. This is  why the weight of pneumatic tools is much less (this is the same as saying that pneumatic tools are light). The way they are manufactured,  adapt more naturally to the hands.

And thanks to the power offered by these pneumatic tools, the user does not need great effort at the moment that force is required (such as when using hammer drills or pneumatic hammers).

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Pneumatic tools with torque and impact

The conversion of energy used by pneumatic tools (compressed air) is much more efficient than in other tools, managing to take advantage of the potential of these tools. As long as the maintenance of these pneumatic tools is carried out frequently and correctly, they will work at 100% during an entire working day continuously.

Another advantage is clear  by having greater torque and impact than the others. The works are carried out faster, with less effort. The advantage of getting a pneumatic tool with torque and impact is to get more performance on the job.

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On the other hand, of course, it is important to note that power tools are not bad either.

These are quite practical and easy to use, since it only requires a source of electrical energy and our equipment is already working. Even when they are wireless, because greater autonomy is obtained, and it is possible to reach work sites where other tools would be seen limited by issues inherent to the environment.

Regarding the price, these tools can be purchased at a low cost (the only expensive thing is their repair and maintenance compared to pneumatic tools).

Of course, each of these tools has its own advantages and in order to decide which is the best tool,  it does not depend on the inherent characteristics of each tool.

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