Radwag Scale PUE 7.1.120.HRP / PUE 7.1.HRP High Resolution Scales

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The high-resolution HRP scales are equipped with an innovative measuring system based on RADWAG MONOBLOCK technology. Its use allows working with an accuracy of 1 g at a load capacity of 300 kg and of 20 g at a load capacity of 2,000 kg and guarantees repeatability from 3 g and above.
Automatic balance adjustment system
Automatic adjustment with an internal weight ensures not only the best quality of work and repeatability of results, but also time saving and convenience of work.
Ergonomics of work
The scales are equipped with transport protections that facilitate the transportation of these devices.
Cooperation with two industrial terminals
HRP high-resolution balances can cooperate with one of two industrial terminals: PUE 7.1 and PUE HY10.
Features of the PUE 7.1 terminal:
display: 5.7″, resistive, color,
keypad: touch screen,
housing: ABS plastic,
IP 43,
Connectivity: RS 232 (2), USB (2), Ethernet, IN/OUT (4),
optional additional modules: additional transducer module A/C DP6.
Features of the PUE HY10 terminal:
display: 10.1″, graphic, color,
keypad: touch screen,
housing: stainless steel
IP 68/69,
connectivity: RS232 (2), USB-A (2), Ethernet, IN/OUT (4), Wi-Fi®,
optional additional modules: Wi-Fi®, RS 485, Profibus, Profinet, analog output module, IN/OUT (12).

PUE 7.1.120.HRP 120 kg 1 g

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