Radwag Scale WLC 0.6/A1/C/2 / WLC C/2 Precision balances

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The radwag scales have different specifications in terms of display, readability and other applications which can meet and exceed expectations. Depending on the user’s preference, it can have a light or dark theme.

The operating system of radwag scales is configurable and the user can customize the home screen by adding widgets, for example, an environmental conditions widget or a statistics widget.

Features of the radwag Ellipsis series scales:
– Experience the new interface design.
– Dark mode and light mode
– Home screen widgets

Thanks to the hotspot, you can use the scale on any device previously connected to it. It can be a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Precision balances enable fast and accurate determination of mass in laboratory and industry. The devices are equipped with RS232 connector and an internal battery which allows their operation in places where there is no access to the mains (230V). The balance features a stainless steel weighing pan, and a backlit LCD guaranteeing clear weighing result presentation. Optionally, they can be equipped with additional RS232 connector.

WLC 0.6/A1/C/2 0.6 kg 0.01 g

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