Radwag Scale XA 120/250.5Y / XA.5Y Analytical balances ELLIPSIS 9Y SERIES

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The Radwag ELLIPSIS Series is a new scale from RADWAG. Its interface has been designed to meet the requirements of the modern user, who expects the device to be multifunctional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

The radwag scales have different specifications in terms of display, readability and other applications which can meet and exceed expectations. Depending on the user’s preference, it can have a light or dark theme.

The operating system of radwag scales is configurable and the user can customize the home screen by adding widgets, for example, an environmental conditions widget or a statistics widget.

Features of the radwag Ellipsis series scales:
– Experience the new interface design.
– Dark mode and light mode
– Home screen widgets

Features of radwag Ellipsis series scales:
– Weighing: The basic working mode that displays the sample weight.
– Parts counting: Quickly counts samples of similar weight.
– Checkweighing: Control of the sample mass at required min/max thresholds.
– Dosing: Weighing to target value.
– Deviations: Percentage weight control.
– Density: Density determination of solids and liquids.
– Animal weighing: Control of mass changes in a given time.
– Recipes: Weighing of predefined ingredients according to the sequence described in the recipe.
– Statistics: Real time statistics on weighing.
– Pipette calibration: Checking of piston pipettes according to your own requirements or ISO 8655.
– Differential weighing: Analysis of the change in mass of a sample over time.
– SQC: Statistical mass control with set thresholds.
– Maximum closure: Control of the maximum mass value in the pan.
– Mass control: Statistical control of samples of similar weight.
– Comparator: Control of mass standards.
– CEE: Statistical weight measurement according to the control of packaged products.

Thanks to the hotspot, you can use the scale on any device previously connected to it. It can be a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Plus of the radwag Ellipsis series scales.
One of the innovative features of ELLIPSIS scales is the possibility to add a voice or text note to a series of measurements or a report on the procedures.


XA 120/250.5Y 120 g / 250 g 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg

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