Mining and humans

One of the oldest activities in human history is mining, and to speak of the development that mining has been causing is to immerse yourself in history itself. However, talking about mining is much more than that, it is talking about the history of humanity.

Mining is among the oldest and most fundamental activities developed by human beings. And in the history of mankind, when we talk about the Stone age, we realize that it is the period when man appears on the world scene.

Once man has mastered fire and has developed the techniques that will allow him to process and elaborate metals, this is where the first technological revolution of the mineral originates, and as a result we have a direct improvement in the quality of life of the peoples of that era.


Scales in the mining industry

We already know that the birth of the mining industry comes from the hand of man since ancient times, but success in today’s mining industry depends largely on accurate weight data, and tools and instruments such as scales used for collecting the data.

This data provides valuable information on a company’s efficiency, profitability, and compliance with industry regulations. Therefore, legal and financial requirements demand the best data and the best results. And this is where our scales come into play, which have been developed over the years to obtain the best equipment, accurate and suitable for mining work.

That is why we must recognize that the main tool that contributes significantly to reducing the costs of various are the scales.

And at First technology, Inc. we offer you the best tools that stand out for their characteristics:


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Currently, the use of scales in the mining industry has increased considerably in recent years. And it is related to the fact that companies are implementing cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and performance while reducing their overall costs. That is why at First Technology, Inc. we aim to provide the best equipment and tools that will allow efficient processes to be established in production systems.

And it is that our scales are characterized by their cutting-edge specifications, quality controls, friendlier interface, improvements in precision and adaptation to the environment and user needs. Radwag products have their own interface that makes it easier for users to interpret information more clearly and precisely, reducing.

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How scales are influencing the mining industry

Equipment produced by Radwag and marketed by First Technology, Inc. They are used at all times in the mining process, our scales are used to measure quantities of extraction, relocation, first and second crushing, processing and finally storage. And it is important to obtain this information accurately in each of the stages. Because the efficiency of the mining equipment is optimized and the maximum production is offered at the lowest possible cost.

On the other hand, we have that our scales in the mining processes helped to eliminate the ineffective measures that led to inaccurate data. This also helped eliminate unfavorable business decisions that could have been made based on such inaccurate data.

In addition to transmitting accurate weight data, Radwag scales obtain and store data that other equipment could not, thanks to their advanced technology and large internal memory.

As the mineral extraction processes, the tools and equipment used also evolved, today First Technology, Inc. offers tools and equipment that make them recognize the efficiency and analyze the details that the old equipment could not.

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