Top rated industrial scales

One of the biggest problems before acquiring a scale is to know the real value of each unit. So there is a lot of uncertainty when buying a balance or scale. The task of comparing between the great variety of scales and existing measuring tools on the market is quite complex.

However, the best products will always stand out, the qualities and characteristics of the scales have many uses, but not all of them are suitable for all tasks. There is a great variety of models and types of scales, it is due to the simple fact that each of them adapts to different function to be performed in the most appropriate and efficient way.

Therefore, making a comparison of scales is not usually efficient, and the task of comparing opinions is not usually very useful, not even on the shopping pages where the scales are rated, since these comparisons and user opinions are not made by experts, so they have bias to trust said opinions.

So in First Technology a list has been made that can be considered trustworthy, although the main purpose is to publicize the Radwag industrial scales and the characteristics of each model, as well as the benefits offered by acquiring each type of scales, so that the user can determine if it is the scale he needs.

It should be noted that the Radwag scales offered by First Technology are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, and for this simple fact it can be guaranteed that the measuring instruments presented below are leaders in the market for many reasons.

It should be noted that in this list, no scale is better than the other. The difference between them lies in the sector in which it can be applied and integrated in the most efficient way.

The first scale to mention in this list is the UYA 4Y ultramicrobalance


Known as the laboratory scale, this is a new generation scale designed to satisfy the highest demands in terms of precision (in laboratories, microns and grams are usually measured accurately, especially those laboratories that work with controlled substances).

This scale has decisive elements that position it within the best scales, and are the terminal reading and the precise mechanical measurement system, which are strategically positioned to avoid the influence of temperature and the transmission of vibrations (these are the main problem in measurement processes).

In addition, being built with materials such as glass and aluminum, it eliminates the influence of electrostatic fields. And a very advantageous plus of this is the automatic calibration system and the friendly interface of these scales.

Learn more about the laboratory scales distributed by First Technology by visiting our website.

On the other hand, we have the HX5.EX and HX5.EX scales

Which are qualified as modern measuring instruments that guarantee reliable measurement and correct operation in hazardous environments and areas classified as 1/21 and 2/22. Where the greatest advantage offered by these scales is the ATEX certification (this certification is not possessed by any measuring instrument).

This certification is given by entities external to the manufacturer, therefore it is an extra guarantee for the buyer that he is acquiring the best scale on the market. With excellent repeatability in measurements, precision and high quality electronic components.

You can quote and learn more about these ATEX certified scales distributed by First Technology by entering the following link.

And the third scale to mention in this list is the CHECK WHEIGERS

These automatic checkweighers have the highest quality, and their applications include the pharmaceutical and food industries. It has modules that allow you to quickly weigh products, as well as a friendly and intuitive interface.

The biggest advantage of these scales is that they provide the data necessary to manage the operation of the scales and compile them into lists of statistics and service processes.

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