What is a scale?

In the industrial field, it refers to an instrument or tool (high precision equipment) that is used to weigh or counterbalance and in turn measure the weight or mass of any surface in decimal metric units.

And if your company is dedicated to the food, mining, pharmaceutical or manufacturing industries, it surely uses measuring and weighing equipment such as scales, in order to know its production and raw material. Where, knowing all those amounts accurately will let you know the profitability of your business. And if it is about industrial scales, At First technology, Inc. we have the best measuring equipment, learn more by clicking here.

What are the benefits of industrial scales?

There are many reasons why the use of an industrial scale should be implemented in production processes (especially if it is our Radwag measuring equipment). And it is thanks to industrial scales that the production and distribution process is streamlined. In addition, to achieve greater tabulation and control of products and raw materials.

There are many benefits to purchasing our Radwag industrial scales, and the question of Why should you buy an industrial scale? It simply disappears, because there are many benefits, in acquiring an industrial scale, among which we have:

1. Improves the precision of the production process and reduces the loss of materials.

 The main benefit of using our Radwag industrial scale is basically the saving of time and materials. Because the ability to produce a product with an exact weight leads to final savings, because the materials are not wasted, the margins of loss caused by human error are eliminated, and by having optimized production processes it is not necessary to repeat the themselves.

To First Technology, Inc. The measurement of the materials used in a production process is so critical and strict for any company, that we know that our teams define profitability in the manufacture of a product.

By having Radwag instruments and high-precision equipment, it will allow you to modernize production processes and improve them immediately. Learn more by clicking here

2. Guarantee the quality of the product.

 The weight and content of a product are the cornerstones of the production and quality control process. For the quality process it is important to ensure the exact content of each product and for the production process it is important to reduce production losses.

And this can only be achieved by making measurements with high precision calibrated scales like the ones we offer at First Technology, Inc. Since you will be able to know exactly the weight of your product before and after the manufacturing process.

At First Technology, Inc. we know the strict quality processes, and we take seriously the commitment of companies, such as the weight declared on a product’s label, which represents a commitment to customers and entities for companies government, which must be respected by the reputation of the companies, in addition to the fact that disrespecting this commitment can have legal consequences (if there is less weight than declared in the product) or can have economic losses (if there is more than the declared weight).

For these reasons, the Radwag industrial scales that we offer at First Technology, Inc. allow you a precise measurement and without margin of error, allowing compliance with evaluation controls that allow the certification of a product by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), thus achieving compliance with the commitment to the government and its clients.

3. Provision of accurate data.

 Our Radwag industrial scales allow you to weigh ingredients and raw materials accurately, which is vital when a certain formula must be followed or when weighing the finished product.

This gives management the opportunity to verify all aspects of the production process, formulas can be tabulated more efficiently, and critical points in lost production and lost materials are identified.

In general, a control of the weights with Radwag industrial scales makes it possible to identify which parts of the production process need to be optimized. If you want to know more about industrial scales, click here.