What is ATEX certification?

And why do our balances have ATEX certification?


ATEX certification is a requirement for all companies that manufacture electrical equipment that is used in hazardous environments and is intended to be marketed in the European Union.

There are many environments that can be considered dangerous or explosive, depending on the mixture of gases, vapors, mist or dusts that vary depending on the flammability of each of the elements found in the work atmosphere.

For these reasons, the ATEX certification was born in 1994, to guarantee that the equipment and tools that are manufactured with this license are suitable for the different tasks and processes in this type of work environment with accumulations of gases, fuels and compounds that can generate an environment capable of starting an explosion (AT = atmosphere EX = explosive).

There are many application fields where our ATEX certified Radwag balances can and should be implemented, for example in the crude oil processing industry, in refineries and in mining activities.

But in addition to those areas, it can also be implemented in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, where oils, alcohols or benzene (gases) are processed, in the manufacture of paints, as well as in the cosmetic industry in the manufacture of alcohol or Ethanol-based cosmetics.

There are many areas where our Radwag ATEX certified scales are used, so we have different models to adapt to the different needs and environments of each company, that is why we have platform, ramp and skid scales, for pallets for both areas gas hazard, as for dust hazard areas. All equipment is ATEX certified, manufactured by Radwag and distributed by First Technology, Inc.


Did you know what are the requirements to obtain ATEX certification?


To obtain ATEX certification, there are different requirements that must be met:

CE marking: It is a self-declaration that indicates that the equipment complies with the technical provisions and ATEX requirements.

Essential health and safety requirements: The principles of integrated safety against explosions of all electrical and non-electrical ignition sources must be followed.

Quality evaluation: The facilities that produce the equipment must undergo a quality evaluation.

EC type examination certificate: for category 1 and category 2 equipment, a notified body must verify that the equipment complies with all relevant applicable provisions.

And at First Technology, Inc.. we have Radwag equips that consider all these factors and are ATEX certified, and a plus is that our team also has communication modules and power supplies specially designed for their ATEX certified scales. Up to nine models of communication modules and four types of power supplies to suit your needs.

So our teams are able to meet all your needs, complying with all legal requirements that guarantee the safety of employees and the proper functioning of the equipment. If you want to learn more click here.


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